What Men Want: A Great Smile, White Teeth and 10 Other Qualities

May 14, 2015 12:30:00 PM Larissa Mills White Teeth, Men

What Men Want: A Great Smile and 10 Other Qualities

Research continues to suggest men are drawn to women with a great smile. Surveys from the U.S. and across the pond continually state that white teeth (they don't even have to be straight!) and a smile are tops on mens' list when it comes to attraction. Here's what else men are looking for in a woman....What_Men_Want_-_Great_Smile_White_Teeth

  1. Confidence

    Nothing is more attractive to a guy than a girl who knows her own worth. If you have to ask for his reassurance time and time again regarding your beauty, intelligence, weight....he might start to question it himself. Own who you are. If you haven't figured it out yet, work on that, then look for the guy.

  2. Intelligence

    Bimbo-like behavior wore thin right about near high school and even then the best guys weren't buying it. Smart girls are mentally stimulating. You may be pretty but pretty wears off if you've got nothing interesting to say.

  3. Spontaneity

    Men love a sense of spontaneity and adventure and unfortunately it seems to be one of the first things to go once you're in a relationship. Don't lose it! Doing spur-of-the-moment things attracts a man and keeps him.

  4. Playfulness

    Laugh easily. Nobody wants to be around a stick in the mud, especially men. Witty banter and fun dialogue is key. Men like to play, (do they ever really grow up!?) so if you can play with them, all the better. Play or watch sports with him. Be competitive in a fun way and he won't be able to resist.

  5. Trustworthy

    Seems a little obvious, right? But you may be doing things you think are “just being cool” and he finds shady. Being “buds” with his friends, texting them, hanging out, etc. does not signify that you are a cool chic. He'll think he can't trust you and you'll be an alone chic before too long.

  6. Independence

    Have a life! Making the man in your life your only life is dating suicide. Nothing makes a man run faster AWAY than a needy, weak, damsel in distress. (Think Claire from Outlander for inspiration) Men want an independent, passionate woman who appreciates that the man in her life has those qualities as well. That means let him go on a golf weekend or a night out with the boys. He'll be back.....if you leave him alone!

  7. Supportive

    Yes he wants to be strong in your eyes but some days he needs a little help (don't we all?). Men aren't talkers like women are, so when he's needing that sounding board, try to listen and show your support. You may have even heard the story before but let him retell it. Letting him know you care for him unconditionally goes a long way.

  8. Emotionally Mature

    You've seen her. The hot mess at the end of the bar, screaming at her boyfriend, possibly throwing a drink in his face? Tight dress and tanned from head to toe? Yes, she gets attention and a man may even want to talk to her (or other things) but a real relationship is not in the cards for this girl. Drama is exciting for about 5 minutes. And then it's not.

  9. Attraction

    Duh. Of course men want and need to be attracted to a woman (smiling and white teeth, ladies!) but emotional, healthy attraction is really about the entire package not just the insecure standards men are prompted to want through media. This is what separates the men from the boys. Find a man.

  10. Dress up

    It's true. Sweatpants are so darn comfortable!!! But let's not make it a constant wardrobe staple. Just as you don't need to see him in his track pants and ripped football jersey, he doesn't need to see your slightly stained sweats from 1999. Dressing up, putting a little lipstick on, doing your hair. It's nice. You did it while you were dating... so why stop after? Don't.


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