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There’s nothing like the excitement surrounding an upcoming family visit for the Holidays or ringing in the New Year in a tropical or exotic destination…what’s not so exciting is cramming everything you need into a suitcase. When it comes to your beauty products, these clever tips and smart tricks are the perfect antidote to packing stress. What to take, what to leave behind, and how to pack it all up like a pro will let you travel stress-free while looking your best. Bon voyage!

Cosmetic_Bag_-_White_TeethKnow What To Leave At Home

Resist the urge to pack anything and everything on your vanity and in your bathroom. Call the hotel ahead of time and ask what amenities they offer—most have blow-dryers (which take up a lot of precious real estate in a suitcase), and you can always get a shaving kit and toothbrush at the front desk. What is important to take with you is skincare, as a switch in cleanser or face cream can up the potential for irritation and breakouts.


Downsize Your Products

While you can find travel sizes of most products, the selection is limited and not the best bang for your buck. A more wallet-friendly alternative? Decant cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion into clear plastic bottles (just be sure to clearly label each one with a permanent marker, so you don’t end up washing your face with shampoo). We suggest:

 Set of 7 - Clear Plastic Travel Size Empty Bottles, TSA / Airline Approved on Amazon.comMakeup_bag.jpg
For makeup and skincare, it is important to take these products with you, as a switch in cleanser or face cream can up the potential for irritation and breakouts. Always ask for samples when purchasing your favorites; most brands, especially high-end ones, offer them. The same rule applies for fragrance—get the sample-size vial of your signature scent and leave the big perfume bottle at home. Look for mini versions of any tools you might need:

  • A pocket size hairbrush,
  • Mini set of makeup brushes,
  • Portable flat iron.

Maximize Multitaskers

To cut down the sheer amount of stuff in your suitcase, opt for products that do double (or even triple!) duty. When it comes to makeup, a multi-purpose color stick can take the place of eye shadow, blush, and lipstick, while a BB cream offers coverage, moisture, and sun protection - SPF is vital in the summer sun to keep your skin healthy. Skincare oils can stand in for serum and moisturizer, delivering both hydration and tons of nourishing ingredients. And don’t forget dry shampoo; besides just freshening up strands, it can also be used to score the same volume and root-boosting effects of a mousse.

Luster Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit is a travel sized "mulitasking must have." Travel-sized tubes that will take up minimal space in your makeup bag and makes for convenient whitening touch-ups anytime, anywhere. It also protects against staining agents like coffee, tea, wine and more, so you can keep your smile bright wherever you might be. The Smile Illuminator comes with Blueverite Whitening Toothpaste, whitening mouth rinse and whitening serum.

Available at most major retailers, on or


Safeguard Against Spills

There’s nothing worse than opening your suitcase and realizing that shampoo has leaked all over your clothes. The easiest way to avoid spills is simple: Swap out liquids for solids. Instead of liquid face cleanser, bring a powder formula. Look for your favorite perfume in a roller ball or solid. Pick bar soap instead of body wash. Choose sunscreen sticks over lotions. And if you are packing bottles of liquid, be sure to let out all the air before closing them (simply give the bottle a quick squeeze prior to screwing on the cap). This added step prevents excess pressure from building up and causing messy leaks and explosions.


Pack It All Perfectly

If you’re carrying on, store liquids and gels in a clear plastic bag—not only does this keep the TSA happy, it makes for easy clean up in the event of an unexpected spill. Bringing an extra bag will also keep you covered in cases where there is a spill. If you’re checking, look for a toiletry bag with multiple compartments and separate products by category—stash hair products in one, skincare in another, makeup in another. Wrap that bag in between clothing for an extra layer of protective cushioning, and keep it away from anything that could puncture it (like your stilettos).



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