Facing the Warm Weather: The Less Is More Approach to Being Beautiful

Summer Minimal Makeup TipsWith the sun high in the sky and temps as hot as you please, the last thing you want to do is wear a ton on your face. Dripping foundation, mascara spider eyes, smudged cake lipstick  there’s nothing sexy about summer heat melting your makeup.

It’s time to take a smarter approach to beauty. Here are a few summer makeup tips that truly prove that less is more.

With all the heat and humidity, your skin will want to breathe. So it’s important to keep your makeup routine light (read: forget those heavy concealers you hid behind in the wintertime). A fresh face is where it’s at, so instead, swipe a tinted moisturizer onto your clean face. Choosing one with SPF gives you just a little bit of sheer coverage, as well as protection from the sun.

The sun is doing its job perfectly and giving you a warm glow. Accentuate it with a light touch of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks (smile and they’re the two bumps that show up right under your eyes). Leave those cool pinks in the drawer, since they look entirely too “made up” for summer. Instead look for shades in warm peaches or pinks for a natural, subtle flush.

Keep the eyes the prize. Enhance their natural contours with a soft brown shadow in a shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone. Soft sweeps of gold and bronze also are great choices for a bit of summery shimmer. If you want a little more definition, dot (don’t draw) a line along the top lashes with a brown or gray eye pencil. Blend with a Q-tip for a softer look.

You might be able to go without shadow or liner in the summer, but defined lashes are a must. Leave the black formulas for the evening and instead apply two coats of a brown or brownish black to the top lashes only for a beautiful daytime fringe.

To keep your kisser natural, choose a lip color in pink or peach. Rather than applying it directly to your lips, press the color in with your fingertips for a subtler look. Start in the center and work out toward the corners to give yourself a plumper pout.

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Summer is the perfect time for the #iwokeuplikethis approach. With these minimal makeup tips, you can let your natural beauty shine through.

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