Juicing Stains: 6 Quick Tips to Keep your Teeth White

Sep 18, 2015 9:00:00 AM Caitlin Kiernan Healthy Teeth, Juicing

Juicing is not going anywhere soon. Here are 6 quick fixes to keep your teeth healthy and white.

There’s nothing like downing a fresh juice first thing in the morning — it just starts the day on a positive note. But could your healthy “Green Monster” “Super Citrus C,” or “Hail to the Kale” juices be harmful for your teeth? The answer is yes. While studies prove that there are vast medical benefits of juicing – including a lowered risk for heart disease, cancer and stroke – evidence also shows how detrimental it can be for oral hygiene. The liquid extracted from fruits and veggies contains high levels of sugar and acid that cause the breakdown of enamel and the growth of bad bacteria (plaque) - talk about teeth problems. They, in turn, lead to cavities, bad breath, stains and gum irritation. It’s enough to wipe the smile right off your face. Still, nobody should have to sacrifice one’s daily juice fix. Here are six simple steps to protect your smile while sipping your greens.


  1. Put The Brakes On Brushing: Shocking advice, right? Wrong. People who brush their teeth right after juicing  — or chowing down on a meal for that matter — are actually doing more harm than good. The reason? When eating, the mouth produces bacterial acids that cause the PH of the mouth to drop below normal, which makes teeth enamel softer and more vulnerable to porosity and abrasion. Instead, dentists suggest waiting a half hour after eating or drinking to brush. This allows enough time for the mouth to produce healthy saliva that helps rebalance the PH levels. We also suggest using a daily whitening toothpaste with hydrogen perxoide and fluoride to remove stains and keep your teeth healthy.

  2. Chew On This: Sensitive teeth and gums can be a real pain. People that have swollen gums or enamel erosion can find cleaning their teeth, literally, irritating. While the ADA suggests brushing and flossing in the morning and night, they also offer up a pain-free way to keep teeth clean throughout the day: chew sugarless gum! Clinical studies prove that chomping for 20 minutes can increases the production of saliva by 10 percent. Why is this so important? Saliva protects teeth from decay, prevents infections caused by bacteria and fungi build-up and nixes bad breath. Choose one that has the ADA Seal of Approval including: Wrigley’s Extra Sugar Free Gum; Trident Sugar Free Gum; Orbit Sugar Free Gum; Dentyne Ice Sugar Free Gum; Ice Breakers Sugar Free Chewing Gum; Stride Sugarless gum; and Wrigley’s Orbit for Kids Sugarless gum.

  3. Model Tip: Ever wonder how models keep their teeth bright white even though they juice on the reg? The secret is Vaseline! Coating teeth with a thin layer of petroleum jelly makes the surface of the teeth slippery so that bacteria and pigment-heavy foods/liquids slide right off. Want a runway-worthy smile? Before sipping juice, dip finger into Vaseline, then glide it across your teeth. Voila – an instant shield against stains! (Tip: Vaseline mini jars fit easily in a purse and are great for on the go!)

  4. Rinse On The Reg: A whitening mouthwash may seem like an unnecessary step but those that contain xylitol and fluoride remove bacteria and stains that build up daily. Think about it this way: if you take care of your skin by using the proper cleanser, serum and cream, you won’t need to do an major overhaul later with injectables or plastic surgery. It’s the same with needing costly in-office whitening treatments. Removing subtle stains as they happen keeps teeth looking brighter and healthier longer so that all you have to do is maintain your look, rather than fix it.

  5. Use A Straw: You’ve always known coffee to be a major culprit of staining, which is why you see fashionistas sipping their Starbucks out of a straw. Well, the same goes for your juice. In fact, dentists find fruit juices – including apple and carrot juices – to be almost as corrosive as a can of soda! Using a straw will help acidic liquids bypass teeth so they remain bright white. (Tip: Buy the ones that bend – they are easier to sip from.)

  6. Be True Blue: Most veggies used in juices have strong yellow pigments (carrot, spinach, kale, celery, dandelion greens, etc.) so they instantly intensify the pre-existing stains on our teeth. Need a fast fix? The trick is to wear a blue-based lipstick or gloss. The blue hue helps cancels out yellow tones so they look less intense. So, what’s a blue-based shade exactly? Think berries (raspberry, strawberry), classic fire engine reds and rich tones like burgundy and plums (they also provide a bold contrast that makes teeth look whiter). May we suggest: MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Catharina, $23,

With these 6 quick tips, you can protect teeth against staining agents and not only will you have white teeth, but you'll have healthy teeth, so keep smiling bright. Want more tips? Check out our 10 Quick Tips for White and Healthy Teeth

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