Getting a Safe Summertime Glow & White Teeth Like Catherine Lowe

May 28, 2015 5:34:00 PM Cheryl Fenton White Teeth, Beauty 101

How self-tanners and bronzers bring a healthy look and a brighter smile.

Not only does a sun-kissed glow give you a healthy look, it can also make your smile bright. But between skin safety and anti-aging worries, today’s savvy beach-goers stay away from those harmful rays—a far cry from the popularity stirred by Coco Chanel’s first intentional tan in the ‘30s. If it’s the cocoa color you crave but the sun you shun, try sunless tanning.

For a quick-hit summertime glow that brightens your smile, try brushing on a powder bronzer for a contoured look. Choose a matte foundation or bronzer in one shade darker than your skin tone and blend it with a big brush just under your cheekbone and down the bridge of your nose. When you deliver the powder with a gentle touch, it can contour the shape of your face to enhance your smile.

If you want a more serious take on sunless tanning, light self-tanner creams and user-friendly sprays give you that “just back from the Tropics” look. As we run full steam into the sunnier seasons (and May was Skin Cancer Awareness Month), here are a few tips for applying self-tanners for a gorgeous color that whitens your teeth while still showing your skin a little TLC.

  1. Exfoliate beforehand. Give yourself a nice dry brush before your shower. While using a salt or sugar scrub is great in the wintertime when you need the hydration, the formulas’ oils can cause streaks from self-tanners.
  2. Use plastic gloves from at-home hair color kits.
  3. Don’t go too dark. It’s always a safe bet to choose a shade that might match your natural color after a day at the beach.
  4. If you’re nervous you grabbed a too dark formula, get a lighter glow by mixing half lotion (oil-free or it’ll be Streak City) and half self-tanner.
  5. Apply body lotion around your hairline and eyebrows prior to self-tanning application, so you don’t discolor your hair.
  6. When applying a self-tanner to your face, use a makeup sponge. This also guarantees foolproof application to the tops of feet and tops of hands.
  7. After applying the cream to your body, use a tube sock put over your hand a la sock puppet and rub in circular motions to ensure no areas have too much tanner.
  8. When you’re done, put a quarter-sized dollop of hand cream on your hands and rub it in around the wrists to blend any tan lines. Do the same with your feet.
  9. Mess up? Panic not. Lemon juice mixed with sugar, rubbed in small circles at the offending streaky spot should do the trick.

Catherin_Lowe_Pro_Light_white teeth

Our friend Catherine Lowe (or some of you may know as Catherine Giudici) of the Bachelorette knows how to prepare her summer look for fun weekends filled with “sun, sand and a whiter, brighter smile thanks to Luster Pro Light.” She even uses sunless tanner to give her bronze skin and even bronzer appeal and to make those teeth really pop.

Now that the days of laying in a tanning bed under damaging UV lights are gone, you can still go towards a safer type of light for brighter, white teeth. With the Luster Pro Light Dental Whitening System, you can reverse time by erasing years of coffee, tea, wine and other stains in just 30 minutes. Using the dual-action hand-held whitening light (with the same energy you’ve seen in dental offices), just pretreat your teeth with a refreshing wash, then paint on the whitening serum rich in active dental peroxide, and place the light device over your teeth. Bye bye, tooth sensitivity. See ya, stains. In just half an hour, you’re on your way to a brighter smile. One of the major differences between Pro Light and other systems is Luster stays away from UV whitening, instead a patented xeon dual-action light technology is used to activate the whitening serum. 

As the temps get cozy and the sun shines bright, now’s the time to get that bronze goddess glow. With all this gorgeous (and safe) color, they’re all sure to wonder which fabulous vacation land you’ve been visiting.


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