Brilliant Bridal Jewelry Styles to Complement your Wedding White Smile

Apr 16, 2015 6:29:00 PM Luster Premium White Bridal

As a blushing bride, you’ll want a perfectly white smile to show off in the big day’s photos. After all. it's called wedding white for a reason. But have you thought about jewelry as a way to emphasize your pearly whites? Certain gemstones, colors and shapes can accentuate a fresh and fabulous smile, for a look that’s ideal for wedding days and beyond.


ritani-akoya-cultured-pearl-necklace-568245Pearl jewelry comes to mind for most bridal looks, but have you thought about the iridescent gem’s potential for maximizing the whiteness of your smile? The natural luster of pearls is found in a range of gorgeous colors, from rose, to silver, gold, and even dark greens and purples. Dramatic Tahitian pearls bring a striking contrast to a white smile, while pink and blue pearlescent hues help to neutralize yellow tones. Opt for a yellow gold setting if you favor tradition, or white gold for a modern finish.




Diamond jewelry is always a popular choice for wedding days, as most women wear diamond engagement rings that they wish to complement. The flash and fire produced by certified quality diamonds creates desirable sparkle, catching the eye and adding a luxurious feel to a bride’s overall look. The diamond shapes likely to create the most brilliance are round, princess, oval and pear; these dazzling cuts will accentuate a white smile beautifully. A platinum or white gold setting is ideal for contemporary shine. 



ritani-round-swiss-blue-topaz-diamond-halo-pendantEven if you prefer colored gemstone jewelry, you can look for vibrant gemstones that will accentuate your gorgeous white smile. Warmer hues, such as those exhibited by rose quartz, yellow sapphires and rubies will minimize yellowness. Brighter cool tones, including blue topaz and emeralds will highlight a gleaming white smile.

Whether you choose to wear lustrous pearls, brilliant diamonds or vivid gemstones, your wedding day jewelry should reflect your personality and unique tastes. The right piece of jewelry will illuminate your smile, catch the eye, and be the perfect finishing touch to your bridal look.

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