Are you Brushing Your Teeth with Dish Soap?

Jun 8, 2015 3:12:00 PM Larissa Mills White Teeth


If your toothpaste has SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), you might as well be!  Common toothpastes and dish soaps use the same cheap foaming agent, SLS! 

dishsoapGross right? Well Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is often found in both toothpastes and dish soap, and is even more common in whitening toothpastes. But why? Well like dish soap, toothpastes need foaming agents to help remove plaque and deodorize your mouth.  SLS is cheap which is why many companies opt to use it. SLS may get your dishes clean, but there are some big issues with using it in your mouth.

  1. Toothpaste

    SLS negatively affects the Fluoride in toothpaste:  Studies have shown that increasing amounts of SLS has a negative impact on the alkali soluble fluoride on the enamel.  In layman terms – SLS breaks down the fluoride so it is not as effective. Fluoride is used as the main ingredient to prevent cavities, so to affect the fluoride level is counterproductive of using a fluoride toothpaste.

  2. SLS can increase canker sores and is a known skin irritant that could cause canker sores


Given this information, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Make sure your fluoride toothpaste does not use SLS otherwise you’re not doing much good while brushing.

  • If it’s too late and you’ve realized canker sores are on their way or won’t go away, then we’ve got some tips for you…


Canker Sore Prevention

If you've ever had canker sores, you know how much they hurt. Searing, burning, sometimes cry-worthy pain can accompany them. Eating becomes a chore and forget about eating anything with salt on it. While many researchers have suspected that nutritional deficiencies (in iron, folic acid and other B vitamins), food irritants (chocolate, mustard, nuts, tomatoes, shellfish, pineapple) and stress are likely causes of canker sore occurrences, new studies are revealing that it may actually be your toothpaste if it contains SLS.  

SLS is a detergent, surfactant, and emulsifier, and, as a number of studies are showing, is highly irritating and damaging to oral mucosa. (Ah..... yeah, definitely not what the canker sore prevalent need.) These studies reveal a statistically significant decrease in the number of canker sores over a 3 month period, from 14.3 to 5.1, when switching to a non SLS toothpaste. And canker sores aren't the only reasons to switch your current toothpaste brand. SLS has also been implicated in wear on tooth enamel which is definitely something you want to avoid if your teeth are at all sensitive or if you are trying to whiten them. But here's the catch. Not many whitening toothpastes exist without SLS!!!? Sure you can grab a licorice root, no fluoride, SLS free brand at your local Whole Foods but what about those of us who want whitening? And fluoride protection? And something safe for use on sensitive teeth? Power_White_Box_Straight_Zoom

Luckily Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser Toothpaste® was developed with a breakthrough proprietary technology that uses controlled peroxide, the only ingredient proven to remove stains and whiten teeth while maintaining zero tooth sensitivity, and it's SLS FREE! With the use of 2% stabilized hydrogen peroxide and with over 6 years of research and development, Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser Toothpaste® offers the protection of an everyday fluoride toothpaste in conjunction with incomparable peroxide whitening. Safely whitening, (removing up to 95 percent of surface stains in as little as five days!!), cavity protection, zero tooth sensitivity  and no irritating/canker sore causing SLS? This is the perfect toothpaste for those of us who care about our bodies as much as we care about the whiteness of our teeth.


Canker Sore Remedy

Now, if you happen to get a canker sore, we sympathize. We've tried several remedies over the years from gargling with salt water to using numbing gels. We've placed cheddar cheese on them (no joke) and cut up onions and swished our mouths with the juice. We've tried warm water with a dissolved aspirin in it and taken more Ibuprofen than we'd like to admit, just to make the pain go away. Nothing worked. And with canker sores lasting a week or more, it's a serious, well, pain! But we finally found some relief with this simple yet effective method. Place alum, a spice you can find in any grocery store, directly on the canker sore. Count to 100, then rinse. By the next day your canker sore will either be gone or at least on its way out and you'll be able to eat salted french fries again. Try it. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Lighten Up

Besides eliminating SLS from your toothpaste, here are some other helpful suggestions for lightening your SLS and other toxic chemical load from your body.

  1. Be sure to read labels. Just because a product says “natural” on the packaging doesn't mean it's healthy or SLS or chemical free.

  2. Look for fragrance-free products. Fragrances are a major cause of allergic reactions and seriously unnecessary unless it's perfume.

  3. Be aware of the order in which ingredients are listed. The first few ingredients make up the most of the product so if the first few ingredients are things you can't even pronounce (we're talking food here) it's probably a good idea to stay clear.

  4. Simplify. Slathering on 20 products a day just isn't practical. Save your time, money and toxic load and pair it down.

  5. Drink plenty of water to help flush harmful toxins out of your body.

  6. No brainer here but eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help keep up the antioxidants in your body which help combat the toxins.

  7. Keep it real. Cut down on processed foods and you can't go wrong.

  8. Buy organic. No one likes a side of pesticides along with that apple slice. Buying organic really cuts down on the chemical overload and luckily organic foods are more and more readily available thanks to the high demand.


STAY HEALTHY! Check out "What Stains Teeth? Fact or Fiction" for more on how to keep your teeth healthy and white!

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