13 Beauty Hacks: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Beauty

Mar 30, 2015 5:24:00 PM Luster Premium White White Teeth, Beauty Hacks

On-demand car service, dinner delivered to your door in minutes…it seems like every part of our lives is faster and easier than ever. So why should your beauty routine be any different? Forget complicated steps and lengthy beauty routines, it’s easy to get gorgeous stat with these DIY beauty hacks.


Here are 13 speedy, timesaving beauty tips.

  1. Save time in the shower by shampooing and conditioning simultaneously. Shampoo only needs to go on your roots, where oil, dirt, and product residue accumulate. Conditioner should only be applied from mid-shaft to ends, where hair is the most dry and damaged. Suds up on the top half of your hair, slather conditioner on the bottom, then rinse both out at once to cut an extra step out of your showering routine.
  2. Use a damp sponge to apply foundation. The wide surface area allows you to cover your whole complexion faster than using a brush, and it also prevents the streaks and smudges that can occur when you use your fingers.

  3. Fake a mani in seconds with just one product—cuticle oil. Not only does it hydrate dry, brittle nails, it also imparts a pretty, freshly-buffed, sheen.

  4. Yellow teeth are a big NO. For whiter teeth without a major time comAllure Beauty Breakthrough - Luster NOW!mitment, use a flexible solution that allows you to whiten on your time without having to do the treatments all at once. Another trick - look for instant whitening toothpastes with Bluverite®. The blue will offset the yellow color in your teeth for the optical effect of whiter teeth instantly! Check out the Allure Breakthrough Award Winning product that does just this! Did you know hairdressers use this same color technique with blue understones to offset the yellow/orange when coloring hair?

  5. Shave minutes off your blowout by using a round, ceramic-barrel brush. The ceramic finish helps hold and evenly disperse heat throughout your hair so that it dries faster.

  6. Removing polish, especially stubborn glitter shades, can take forever. Tweak your M.O. by soaking a cotton pad in remover and holding it onto the nail for 10 seconds. This gives the remover time to seep into the nail, so you don’t have to waste as much time furiously rubbing and scrubbing.

  7. For faster skin sloughing, look for a scrub that contains chemical exfoliants, like fruit acids. Apply onto your complexion in the shower and let it sit while you wash, shampoo, etc. There’s no scrubbing required, all you have to do is rinse to reveal radiant skin.

  8. Forget following complicated steps and using multiple products to create a smokey eye. Just draw a small hashtag sign on the outer corner of your eye (a pencil liner in a dark hue works well for this), then blend in with a shadow brush. The diffuse color creates a dramatic effect in seconds.

  9. Double duty products are an instant time saver, and when it comes to skincare oils are choice. Not only do they deliver a hit of hydration, making them a great alternative to moisturizer, but many oils are also packed with nourishing ingredients like antioxidants, so they can also take the place of serum.

  10. To speed up the dry time on your manicure, stick your fingers in the freezer or hold in front of an AC vent for two minutes. Whereas hot air can make polish melt, the cold air quickly sets it in place, so you can get on with your life, without worrying about smudges.

  11. No time to color your hair? You can quickly fake the illusion of highlights with extensions. Clip a few underneath and around your hairline for a pretty, sun-kissed effect. Choose ones no more than one shade lighter than your natural color to avoid an un-natural, stripe-y effect. So much faster (and less permanent!) than a trip to the salon!

  12. By simply swapping standard night cream for a sleeping mask, you can literally wake up to better skin. Packed with more active ingredients than creams, these masks yield much faster results, yet are super easy to apply and soak into skin, so you don’t have to spend time rinsing or washing off in the morning. Talk about beauty sleep.

  13. When you’re really short on time, apply concealer just around your nose and under your eyes. This is typically where people experience the most discoloration and imperfections, so covering up here will brighten your full face in no time.


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